Person location update issue

I have a mqtt device tracker which is updated home or away using ping node from nodered. This allows me to get quick response than the inbuilt ping device tracker in HA.

I also have life360 integration. These are added to a person for device tracking.

My problem is when the device leaves the home. At this time the ping sensor will get updated as not_home but it may take some time for th life360 integration to get updated. Till then it would be home and the person entity just inherits this state.

I want the person entity to show away when the mqtt device tracker is not_home and life360 is home. How can this be done? Is this a systemic issue with HA?

You could use my custom Composite Device Tracker integration between these two device tracker entities and the person entity. It can do what you ask. E.g.,

    - name: Me Composite
        - entity: device_tracker.LIFE360
          use_picture: true
        - entity: device_tracker.MQTT_PING
          all_states: true

This will create device_tracker.me_composite, which you can then use as the tracker input to your person entity.