Person picture not showing

Hi guys,

I’m stuck and need your help.

I’m trying to get a picture added to a person in my HA. I’ve HA running in docker on a Intel NUC. I followed the instructions listed here at the bottum of the page. I had to make the www folder myself, added the pictures in .jpg format but the pictures are not showing in HA.

When I go to the picture shows up. Also in HA when going to the person entity I can see the pictures location is correct (see screenshot below) but no picture is shown.

I did restart of HA as well of the host, no success. Did I miss something? Does the picture needs to be a specific resolution/format? Or do I need to add something to the HTTP section in configuration.yaml?

Added to configuration.yaml:

  customize: !include customize.yaml

Added to customize.yaml:

  entity.picture: "/local/darryl.png"


Wauw, damnit… such an easy fix…