Person tracking with states - in NodeRed

Hello everybody

I want to track myself via Home assistant, but I don’t have a device that is permanently connected to Home assistant via GPS.

My idea is to use states of dummy switches to communicate my location.

Dummy Switch Home on > me at home state
Dummy Switch Work on > me at work state

I would like to do this via NodeRed, because that’s where I store all the logic. But unfortunately the Person Entity cannot be edited, but in my opinion there should be a possibility to implement this or not?

For tips or explanations I am grateful to you. :slight_smile:

Okay, after much searching and consultation with other users. The call_service function for persons is missing, but nobody could answer me why this is missing, does anybody know more?

You can’t call Persons, but you should be able to call device_trackers. So you can have your dummy switch manually call the device_trackers, and have the people track the device_tracker so it updates the Persons location