Person "unknown"

after reading forum and guides, I’m not still able to get my person state work correctly.

I have setup my device to track my person

and by “developer tools” everything should be configured right?

but after all this my state in still unknown. I can of course set manually state to “home” and then it works but really not that useful.

Also set my account to Configuration.yaml but that made no difference

Do i maybe need to do something on my phone (allow gps / install software) or am I just missing something out now? Do devices needed to be added Configuration.yaml even tho they can been seen from GUI ?

I have installed HA to my Android phone and have given app to access my location “always”.

Got it working. Even tho I had allowed location from my phone settings it was not enabled on the app configuration.

Now I was able to get person and device status to home but seems that status change are very slow (went to train for 1.5 hours but device or person status did not change)