Person vs users - help set up a second user please

a little help needed please.
I need to add a second account for my wife, but I want to have access only in 1 tab of HA.
I have installed the Custom Header component, and I got the following instructions in order to add a new user-person - I am not sure anymore.

Yes make a user for your wife, log her in as that user on her phone. Then add the custom header configuration wherever, doesn’t have to be on her phone. In the config user: needs to be the user’s name, not username.

So how can I make a user for my wife and how can I log her phone with the new user?

I added a new user = Configuration-Users-Add New User + (add) =
= mywife I gave a password - restarted HA but when i try to connect the phone it won’t let me.

I added a person = Configuration-Persons-Add New Person + (add)
but I don’t know how to log to her phone as the new user.
I tried to find something in the documents but it seems I can’t ?

Can someone please seed some light?

Does this mean when you try to access HA from your wife’s phone, with the user and password you created for her, it doesn’t work? Do you get an error message?

Yes, invalid username or password
If this is what I have to do maybe I should remove all restart and re add the new user?

Does the username and password work when you try through the browser? Are you both using android/ios?

Haven’t tried through my browser. Yes, both android

I re added the user and it worked. Thank you, I lost 2 hours trying to found out what was wrong

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