Personal Home Automation Interface

So I’ve been coding a custom interface for my Home Automation System. Everything is hosted on my Red Hat Enterprise Server using PHP/AJAX/Curl/JavaScript. I have all the touch screen ready and waiting for some Mini-PC’s to arrive. After testing Pi4-B’s they are not feasible for graphic interfaces due to poor GPU performance, which was disappointing since they mount to the back of these screens.

In Wall Screens for Family Room and Master Bedroom 7":

Main Panel for Main Hall Entry 10.1":

Works great on Amazon Echo 10 in my Office:

What it looks like on TV:

Home Assistant Server on Pi4-B attached to another 10.1" and mounted on back of display:

All calls to external servers (HA - eisy - etc) are all done via server side executions that can only be done via LAN while all WAN is blocked.

Refresh Information:
Weather and Climate updates every 10 minutes while critical devices and security items such as gates and doors are per second. The Theme’s change automatically between day and night based on Sunrise and Sunset times. You don’t need to refresh the page at all.

Can only be accessed via encryption key then of course some administrative functions can only be enabled via LAN connections.

You can see the development in progress LIVE here:

Keep in mind this is in very early stage of development. I have an extremally busy life and this is all done on my free time. What you see here is about 2 weeks worth of work on said free time.

Thoughts and input are welcome.