Personalized changelog

Every time I open the HA settings page after not having visited it for more than a week or so there is a new update. Frequent updates for a product is a good thing but I’m always cautious to update without looking at the changelog. Unfortunately this is always quite a large list of changes, and if you’ve skipped a few updates there are multiple lists to go through. Most of it also doesn’t apply to your own installation because there are lots of integrations and one typically only has a subset of them installed.

So I had this genious idea :smirk: : what if the changelog was personalized? HA knows which integrations you have installed so it could show only the relevant parts of the changelog. The changes could be displayed on the update page in the dashboard so you don’t even have to click anything to see what’s new.

Not a simple feature, I admit, but I think this would be very useful for anyone having a lot of automation scripts and wanting to stay up to date.

I’d love this feature! I’m particularly interested in:

  • Highlight breaking changes for components that I use (+ any for changes that aren’t associated with specific components)
  • A section of changes to core components
  • Updates specific to components I use