Pet Tracking

Hi All,

I would like to “passively” track my dogs outdoor using Wifi routers. I’ve got multiple routers with different WIFI names that I can use as zones.

Is it possible to use a low energy wifi device attached to a dog’s collar and then use the wifi routers as different zones through Nmap to track my dogs? If they escape then I trigger a noise.

I don’t believe such a thing exists.

True. But what about using LoRa / LoRaWAN or Beacon technologies ?

Apparently, this one is very good: Roadie
I’ll give it a try next week.

I would definately go with LoRa… Have a look at this: I would then suggest you look at getting a TTN indoor gateway (around£60 from RS - (and then setup the TTN Component)which should cover in the region of 5km from your house which will give you ample time to find your dog is it jumps the fence… avoid sigfox as a comms bearer…

GPS seems a bit overkill for this in my opinion. I’ve been considering using to see if my dog is at home or not, but this means depending on the size of your house you’ll have to add quite a bit of bluetooth monitors since BT range isn’t the best.
However this is a Low Energy BT dongle which should last around a year on a single battery.

have a look at your cost vs usability (like charging the batteries) vs benefit (including accuracy and longevity)… you can always pickup a cheap GSM based pet tracker and the include it into traccar which connects directly to HA… I used those tile things a couple of years ago and they were a waste of money… they could have improved since then… also, you can look at using LoRa triangulation whihc would then negate GPS. IT gives you lower accuracy, but then a much longer battery life, a greater coverage area and more use cases than BLE…