Pet Water fountain

Does anyone knows any pet water fountain that i can connect to HA and automate a alert when the water level is low?
I have a Litterbox (litter robot) that works fantastic, and i bought a SurePet Felaqua, but its not reliable at all… so i was wondering if anyone knows other options!!

The best solution I know of is the Aqara Water Leak Sensor where you can connect wires to the two screws on the underside.

FYI Cheerble recently had a Kickstarter for a smart water fountain with separate clean and dirty water reservoirs. They have info on their site about it here:

I own their smart ball toy for my cats which is pretty good and was looking for a better water fountain so I backed it. Current ETA for start of production shipping is January, so hopefully I’ll have mine soon and can let you know how it is. I just asked on their comments if they plan to support smart home integrations, but I’d be surprised if they didn’t have it on their roadmap.

I have a Catit Pixi Smart fountain and also the Smart feeder. Someone know if it possible to integrate it in Home Assistant.


Assume no one worked out a way to get at the catit Pixi product line?

It’s a TUYA device so you can set it up with the TUYA smart mobile app and then use the TUYA cloud and local integrations found in HACS.

Since it is a ESP behind the scenes running the fountain hopefully someone will figure out how to get ESPHome on it and then that’s it.

Not compatible with any smart tech but…

Several years ago, I found a water dish at Menards that actually attached directly to a garden hose. I bought one and used an adapter to connect it to a water valve in the laundry room. It has a valve similar to what you’d find in a toilet tank. Every time the water level dropped, it would automatically fill the bowl.

That made it so that I didn’t NEED a notification to fill it