Peteme LED light

has anyone gotten this to work with HA?
a hub is required for it to work with Alexa…so is it safe to assume it is zigbee?

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No. Looks like Tuya Wifi (“Download “Smart Life” APP”, "2.4 GHz WiFi frequency band signal only. ")

i think their hub is wifi and needs Tuya app. but i was more curious about the lights themselves. i dont think those are wifi

Whatever it is, I find it unlikely it would be Zigbee and not advertised…


Did you ever get an answer on these?

I’m in the market for some cheap retrofit downlights and looking at these. I wanted zigbee at first but after a long search, there just isn’t a product on the market that is zigbee + UL or IC compliant, in a small all-in-one form factor. We are just a small niche need in the LED market as of November 2022.

So i’m resorting to wifi and wanted to know if this works with the Tuya integration.

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i did not. so i bought cheap LED with temperature change manually by flipping a switch within. to control the lights on/off, i use zwave dimmer as seen here.