Petitboot issue

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Hi all,

I’m doing a complete reinstall on my HA Blue and following the official HA guide (Common Tasks - Operating System - Home Assistant), it all comes unstuck. When I connect the blue to a monitor/keyboard & USB cable and get to the Petitboot screen, the higlighted option is “Exit to shell” which is pre selected and when I press enter I get "Welcome to Petitboot Failed to launch petitboot, dropping to a shell sh: can’t access tty; job control turned off /#

As per the HA documentation to turn the Blue into UMS mode and entering: ls /dev/mmc* the response is “Permission denied”. The shell is pretty much useless. I’ve scoured forums, and looked at reinstalling Petitboot as per the innstruction on the Petitboot page, however my version is dev.20200731 and they don’t have that version listed so I don’t want to download another version a possibly brick my device. Also found a thread where a user has reinstalled petitboot and it still didn’t work. Countless threads keep referring to the above URL as a solution but my PC won’t even recognize the blue as a USB device!

I did the same reflash procedure as you with the HA Blue. I get the same error messages and the Linux command-line prompt “/#”. However, I do not get the “Permission denied” error. After a “reset” command (bc the screen is f-ed up), I am able to complete the reflashing procedure.

It was my understanding that if you are in the root directory, which is “/#”, you are the system administrator. You should have all the permissions possible.