Pfsense+HA on one proxmox box

Hi all,
I know that i can install pfsense and home assistant, both on proxmox.
My question will I be able to have HA in pfsense firewall?
Or are they going to be isolated?

My goal is to do this

ISP cable ---->proxmox---->Pfsense -----> everything else routes through including HA.

Instead of this below:

ISP cable ---->proxmox----> Pfsense -----> everything.
|--------> HA

The aim is to have one server to provide automation and routing. The automation is in separate vlan with iot.
I hope I made my question clear.
Thanks for your help

Having (any) other application on a firewall is a no-no if you ask me… It’s an attack factor and kind of defeats the whole purpose of having the firewall in the first place.

Then again, looking at your diagrams maybe it’s not what you want. If your question is: Can I access HA if it’s “behind” (or next to) pfsense, then your answer is yes.

You can use NAT and port-forwarding to make HA accessible behind the pfsense firewall…

I fully agree with @sj3fk3 you shouldn’t have your firewall on your proxmox box with other VM (HA or else).
Nevertheless, if you decide to do so, I assume you have two LAN interfaces on your proxmox host. Say eth0 being the WAN side and eth1 being the LAN side.
In proxmox pfsense should use both interfaces and your HA VM (like any other) should only use eth1. With this from the outside, HA will be “behind” pfsense.

@greengolfer @sj3fk3

Thank you guys. I know that it is not the greatest idea but I have one spare I5 PC, it is perfectly capable of running HA and Pfsense.
I have Intel pro 1000 card in it so no shortage of ports.

Having read your recommenations I may need to find another old PC to buy :slightly_frowning_face:

the netgates are damn expensive