pfSense stat monitor

Did ya get it to work? Another opnsenser here.

No, but I will try the method above. TrueNAS has a Grafana plugin so I will give it a go.
BTW, I think OPNsense beats all routers out there.


I got everything working except for the gateway stats. I cannot figure out what I am missing. I did make the change in, but still noting.

Same problem here

Just updated my repo version of this in beta and it is working for me.

Did you add your gateway IP address to the relevant configuration.yaml?

I had to change the IP of the to the Monitor IP address of my WAN ( in my case.) Then it worked.

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I guess I was being a little slow, but I figured it out. Thank you for the help.

Thanks a lot for this, I used it for OPNsense: had to adapt it, but it was pretty easy, and it works beautifully.

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Is that the HA Grafana integration or separate docker installation. I can’t install the pfsense Dashboard into, since under “Library panels” I have “No library panels found”.

It’s the HA integration. In order to import the dashboard you click here (check the red arrow):

Then either you upload the json file or copy&paste in the last text box.

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Thank you! It worked!

I know it works. Glad you solved it. :slight_smile:

Could you please share you home assistant sensor config for pfsense that you showed above as image? Thanks!

Hey everyone! I’ve put together a new integration for pfSense which has many stats, device_tracker, and switches to turn firewall rules, services, and NAT rules on/off among other things.

No fauxapi required, all done without special installation requirements on the installation.


awesom integration for Pfsense, installed yesterday and I’m very satisfied.

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This is good stuff! Thanks!

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Does it work with Debian on a Supervised installation?

yes i have debian buster 10 with Supervised installation

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@travisghansen maybe is better to create a new topic for your integration ?

Done. pfSense Integration