Ph-meter & temperature card

I just published a card I wrote for all aquarists.
I hope you like it 🎁 Merry Christmas!

custom card ph meter update:
added the following options:

  • ec badge
  • tds badge
  • salinity badges
  • alert badges for ph and temperature out of range
  • slider for input_number setting
  • color desaturation option

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Thanks for the card.

But OT slightly…

Which pH meter do you use? And how do you get it into HA?

That’s pretty much the only thing I’m lacking for my tank data.

pH meter:…

l’esp: m5stack C3U…/m5stamp-c3u-mate-with-pin…

temperature sensor SHT30 i2c…/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03…

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I’m looking for an i2c ph sensor

Atlas Scientific has an i2c module (EZO) that works with their probes. But it’s quite expensive. A probe + i2c module is near to $100 already.

Hi fine?
Can share project and code for this meter?

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