Phantom Entity I can't seem to get rid of

By way of background, I recently replace my old Pi with a Pi 4. It took some effort to get my ZWave stick working due to issues with Aeotec’s stick and the Rasberry Pi 4. Bottom line, it got it working finally.

Except, now I have a light.dining_room entity on my States page, which theoretically should reflect one of my ZWave devices (as it did before I started the Pi replacement), but it does not. It’s not anywhere in my integrations, devices, or entities (including disabled items). Just on my States page. I can put it on my Lovelace front end, but it doesn’t control anything (and it turns off the moment I try to turn it on). I even hacked in to all of the json files in my .storage/ folder and there is no reference to this entity. It’s not in my configuration, customization, or known_devices.yaml files.

States Attributes are:

min_mireds: 153
max_mireds: 500
  - colorloop
  - random
is_hue_group: true
friendly_name: Dining Room
supported_features: 63

The actual ZWave switch controls white LED can-style lights, so this info looks odd.

I’d like to use the entity name for the actual ZWave light switch, but I can’t because Entity is already registered.

Am I missing some place this phantom entity might exist where I can remove it? Appreciate any input on this issue.