Phase 1 solar panels in Energy Dashboard


I am currently reading my smart meter with DSMR Reader (in Docker).
Unfortunately I cannot read my inverter, but I can read what comes in on phase 1.
The inverter is connected to phase 1.
Now it is displayed in watts in Home Assistant.

But I would like to monitor the daily (total) yield of phase 1 per day.
Can Energy dashboard do this?

has anyone done this before?

What version of DSMR do you have?

I have a V4.2, it spits out the actual usage and delivery per phase, so 6 numbers every 10 seconds. At least I store them.
Then I have a SonoffPOWR2 between inverter and grid (phase3 in my case). That is to get the yield of the invertor. The invertor also has a 2-row display where some numbers are shown, but that is more to check every 3 months or so in Excel and see how well the SonoffPOWR2 is doing measurements. They can be a few % wrong, but acceptable for me.

So you need some own Power/Energy measurement thing at least. Can be DIY, but I had a spare SonoffPOWR2, it more or less was the cheapest I could think of.

The SonoffPOW2 runs Tasmota, HA can autodiscover its MQTT output and I marked it as Solar Source in HA. So far I only looked at the graphs in HA, I do way more detail/historic calculation with Node-RED, inclfuxDB and Grafana.


I also have a v4.2 DSMR meter, which I read via P1.
Via MQTT I get the value of my DSMR docker VM.

So it is not possible to save the daily yield from phase 1 in the Energy dashboard?

Only possible if you have the power output numbers from the inverter. Then you get an extra graph in the Energy tab titled ‘Solar Production’ with very nice bars per hour and also the P1 graph shows how much of your solar energy you use locally. That is without doing much, it is way more easy with HA then I did myself in Node-RED.

You can buy another inverter that has WiFi/LAN output, or some inverters offer a WiFi/LAN addon. I looked for my older one, it is not available anymore, and it was 100 Euros or so, the SonoffPOWR2 costed 15 Euros.