Philio pir PST02A

Have a question again does anyone have experience with a philio pir PST02A the door contact and motion sensor do not work.

I also have the same problem. Would be glad if someone could help us out.

What Problem?
Does Not Work is way to unspecfic…

The problem was that the entities didn’t update if they were triggered. At least with Z-wave JS. But I found I solution! I had to activate some hidden and unactivated entities - and they worked. This workaround didn’t work a year ago, when I tried it back then.

Where can i find the workaround?

For me; under Integrations, I open up the Z-wave JS, where I find all of my units and entities. Then select/open the PST02A, and there it’s possible to see all sensors the PST02A have. Some are hidden - activate those that indicates movements and the doors state. After a minute they will work, and then try them out. Hide those that’s not functional.

Thank is not working for me, witch firmware do you have on your pst01a?

Firmware: 1.16

Oke my firmware is 1.13