Philio PST02-B PIR with HASS.IO & Razberry

I have just installed the HASS.IO on a Rpi docker and it autodetects the z-wave devices apart from Philio PST02-B PIR.
Should I expect this to show up or do I need to do manual installation?
Thanks Steffi

Hi, did you ever manage to resolve this issue? The reason for asking is that I am running into exactly the same issue (with slightly different hardware though, an Aeotec Gen5 z-stick and a Philio PST02-1A sensor). All other Z-Wave sensors and switches work, and show up in the userface. I do see logging related to my Philio sensor though, but no clue how to access the sensor in HA.

I am coming from openHAB, and decided last week to give Home Assistant a go, so far I like it. In openHAB this Philio sensor also gave me headaches, that were automagically solved over time. Last time I had to change a battery, it took 3 days before it started to do again what it should do, so maybe now I also need to be simply very very patient?

I think I resetted the device by removing the battery and then after a while it poped up as unused devices in HA.
all sensors where vivible in unused devices.

Hi again, thanks for the tip, that did indeed the trick. And so far everything works except the temperature. It is reporting 0.0 so far, probably that takes more time, but I do not really care, I want motion and door-open detection, that works. I am quite happy with HA so far :slight_smile: