Philip Hue not working

How did the all-in-one installer on my Raspberry Pi 3. Everything is updated everything else is loading fine but I’m not able to get any on my Philips Hue Lights to show up. The discovery component doesn’t seem to do anything and when I added them to the configuration file these are the error messages I’m getting

And here is the error with discovery

I know it seems I’m talking to myself, but for what’s worth, all of the above has been on a brand new installation 0.36 on a Raspberry Pi3. On my stable setup, on 0.34.4, Philip Hue is working fine.

Not home right now but I’m pretty sure I get the same log errors with my Hue, happened a couple updates ago, though mine still work just fine? Just an annoying log that presents errors every 10 seconds or so.

You should report the issue here:

I seem to have the same issue. HA does not discover the Phue Bridge (it does discover chromecast, smartphones etc.) and when adding the Hue-hub-IP to my configuation.yaml I get the following error in the log and no Hue-configuration options: