Philips Android TV component


Well like it says:

“<!DOCTYPE html>” Should not be there, this comes from download http sites instead of the .py file


Did you try the original Phtilips TV component? There is an official component, maybe that works better for you.

Also I had some problems with http requests using Postman. It just stopped working after a while.

This and your problem could be related to HTTP long polling which the API is using:


Strange. I have uploaded file which was downloaded from your Github page. I will try original component tonight. Thanks!


@nstrelow The script is working fine! Thanks a lot… you are a genius, the only part that won’t work is the turn on tv button. Do you have any idea how to fix this?


I have the same problem. Suspect the TV reacts to WakeOnLan packets, and is only then controllable.


Thanks for the great work! :smiley:
I got it working with my 55POS9002. I don’t have cable/flow tv, only use Apps and HDMI. I got a Intel NUC connected to my Denon X1000 receiver and I would like to detect when it’s active on HDMI. The receiver is connected to HDMI 2 and HA can’t detect that source.


Current activities shows

curl -X GET --digest --insecure -u user:pwd


I tried lots of variants of sources, current sources. Any ideas?
I’m running lasted version of and a Raspberry Pi3 Hassbian image, HA version 0.82.1.



It is working for me. Takes a while until it starts.
Make sure to have Wake on WLAN WoWLAN, enabled, it’s in the network settings of the TV


I do not think I found a possibility to switch between hdmi devices.
Sources are only channels and apps. TV is one app and you can start it, but that will just display the last hdmi channel used I think.

I use it to switch between hdmi devices. You have to have your HA devices (e.g. RPI) attached to the tv via hdmi


I got it working. Instead of downloading component directly from GitHub, I have downloaded raw version. And it worked like a charm. Thanks!


Look on a media_player.philips_js component and a patched ha-philipsjs. It should work with allcab/allsat as well.