Philips Hue A19, undiscoverable in ZHA


i bought a 3 pack of the Philips Hue A19.
I’m running HA on a HA-Blue with a ZZH! stick, so no hue bridge.

2 out of the 3 lights are immediately discovered and added to HA, but the 3e one is not seen.
Does someone have the same issue, or experienced the same ?

Common scenario is Zigbee Coordinator USB adapter has bad reception due to interference if not following the best practice guidelines, which especially includes using a long shielded USB extension cable to a USB 2.0 port or via a powered USB 2.0 hub (and not a USB 3.0 port as those are infamous for causing interference). → After following all those best practices, perform a factory reset of that device (which will unpair it and restore it to factory default settings) and then try to join/pair it again to the ZHA integration which will start the interview process again.

Thank you for the reply.
For testing purposes i put them in the same spot, thats confirmed to be good, when pairing to avoid most of the issues written in that article.

Like i said 2 were found instantaneously, the other never shows up.

I dont know how to reset the bulb to factory settings as i have 0 other hue products

There are a few tips in ZHA docs on how to factory reset Hue devices (though the currently listed methods require either a Hue-compatible remote/switch or another Silicon Labs based Zigbee adapter) →

Hello everyone,

i found a easy solution!

  1. On your phone, download the Hue BT app, its different from the main one. This app connects to your bulb with Bluetooth.
  2. Stand close to the bulb you want to reset.
  3. Use the app to add the bulb to the app, this should connect easily via Bluetooth.
  4. Once it is added in the app, go to settings, light, and then reset the light.
  5. This will tell you the bulb will be restored to factory settings. Click ok.
  6. Now the bulb is reset, and you can add it to ZHA!