Philips Hue Add support for new security features, particularly alarm lights and arm/disarm

With version 5.0 of the Hue app, Signify have brought in the Security Centre for cameras, contact sensors and motions sensors to act as a sort of alarm system.

There is a new activate Alarm Lights option that can flash all lights in perfect synchronisation and automatically restore them to their previous states.

Please can we have service calls to trigger/stop alarm lights, arm/disarm and also support the new Prism effects.

Adding support for contact sensors and cameras would probably be appreciated by many too.

Yes this would be great!

I can’t vote because I no longer use the Hue bridge after reading this thread.

I`m also quite interessted to that. i Would like to use the Hue Security feature, to use all my hue lamps as alarm lights, which is helpful to built your own alarm system via HA.
Or has anyone an idea, how to make hue bulbs flash for a set time and restore it to previous state?