Philips Hue Automations no longer working

My Philips Hue bulbs no longer respond to automations. This happened with the core_2021.4.1 update.

The integrations for every bulb and the Hue motion detector are present and respond to toggling. I can turn the bulbs on and off manually through Lovelace front end. I can also dim the bulbs. The motion detector detects motion and reports the temperature. But when the automations are triggered nothing happens.

For instance I have 3 bulbs and a lamp on a Kasa smart switch set to turn on when motion is detected in the evening and turn off automatically at a certain time at night. The lamp on the kasa smart switch turns on when motion is detected and off at the predetermined time but the Hue bulbs do nothing. I have to toggle them in the Lovelace frontend.

I haven’t changed/added/deleted any devices/integrations/automations in the last 6 months or so.

I have tried everything from deleting and re-adding the integrations to creating brand new automations. Has anybody had this problem?

EDIT: Deleting the bulbs from the HUE bridge and adding back through HUE as brand new devices which in turn creates brand new additional entities in HA seems to work. The automations trigger when manually testing. I will update when the time triggers go off to see if the automations can run on their own.

UPDATE: This solution worked. Completely deleting the bulbs from the HUE bridge via the HUE app and re-adding them as if you never had any before. The automations now work as intended.

Very strange indeed, I have pretty much the opposite to you I noticed this morning. My automations work controlling my philips hue connected bulbs but they cannot be controlled from the dashboards. Not had any time to investigate further yet.

I’m having problems with automations as well. Automations that have worked for months now won’t run. So far I have found that if my automations are reloaded then automations become greyed out.

The majority of my automations are yaml based (split config). That said, some are done in the UI for example from blueprints. When I make a change to a UI based automation then the automations are reloaded. This I believe is expected. The negative to that is that now my yaml based automations are all greyed out.

Restarting Home Assistant corrects this and the automations run again until a reload.

Here is what the automations look like after editing a UI based automation (causes automation reload). Greyed out.

If I restart Home Assistant they look like this once Home Assistant becomes available again.

This is not specifically a hue issue for me. Apologies for hijacking thread with my input.

After updating to the newest Home Assistant, 2021.4.6 I no longer have the issue. I can reload automations withut all of them going grey.