Philips Hue Bridge Gateway Throttling Since updates

Working an issue today. Post updates Hue Bridge stopped working.

Home Assistant 2023.4.2
Supervisor 2023.04.0
Operating System 9.4
Frontend 20230406.1 - latest
Hue Gateway Version 4.39.0 (12627)
Hue Software 1.56.1956178040

After updating to 2023.4.2 and updating Hue gateway to latest the integrations unhappy due to seems rate limiting. Hue Bridge Debug log shows gateway telling us to go away. Hue application can control all devices.

This is new fault behavior. Trying to establish root cause, is it the HA update or is it the Hue Bridge. My money is on the bridge update being the culprit. Anyone else experiencing this scenario or similar? Guidance or comment appreciated.

2023-04-10 01:30:04.732 DEBUG (MainThread) [aiohue.v2[]] Got 503 or 429 error from Hue bridge, retry request in 5.0 seconds

2023-04-10 01:30:05.609 DEBUG (MainThread) [aiohue.v2[].events] Connected to EventStream

2023-04-10 01:30:05.610 DEBUG (MainThread) [aiohue.v2[].events] Disconnected from EventStream - Reconnect will be attempted in 2 seconds

2023-04-10 01:30:07.709 DEBUG (MainThread) [aiohue.v2[].events] Connected to EventStream

No progress, deleted Philips Hue Bridge and migrated everything to Zigbee2MQTT. Dont know why i didnt do this sooner. What an improvement.

Hope someone gets some value from this info.

@ckglobalroaming Out of curiosity, when you say, “What an improvement,” is that to say that you’re no longer getting rate-limiting once you got rid of the Hue bridge and you migrated to ZigBee2MQTT?