Philip's HUE Bridge, vs Conbee II

I have both a HUE Bridge and a Combee II. The HUE Bridge came in first, then the Combee to control IKEA devices. What I am finding is some things (Blueprints) do not seem to work correctly with the HUE. In some of the messages people are saying it is a HUE Bridge problem.

My question is I am only running a few HUE light bulbs. I am not running any of the HUE automations. If the HUE Bridge even required, or can I control my HUE devices off the Combee II? Is having the HUE bridge more of a problem on HA with I am using ZHA and Combee and thus best taken out of the picture?

I realize there is no ‘Correct’ answers here. Just peoples experiences and thoughts.

I use a Conbee 2 for all my hue lights. I’ve never had a hue bridge. I have no problems at all with my devices.

Thanks for the info. I like the Hue lights, even if they cost more, because of the colour and brightness. Just trying to cut down on number of hubs…

I’ve replaced my Hue Hub by Conbee II a long time ago and everything is working as a charm. I never tried Z2MQTT, but both DeconZ and ZHA worked fine and I’m now only using ZHA and no other Zigbee hubs at all.