Philips hue brightness change with time

Hi there,

I have raspbee which works great with hassio, but I can’t make aoutomation to dim Philips hue light to 10% after let say 22:00.
I have a simple light automation on but what next?

  • action:
    • data:
      entity_id: light.hallway_light
      service: light.turn_on
      alias: Hallway light on
      condition: []
      id: ‘1524735485567’
    • event: sunset
      offset: -00:50:00
      platform: sun

Please help me a bit I am still quite a noob in this field.


Hello. Just a little hint for the next time you post on the forum (Oh yes, there will be a next time :smile:), use the different tags on top of the frame you’re writing in. The icon </> is very handy when you write config.
And on to the case at hand:

    platform: sun
    event: sunset
    offset: "-00:50:00"
    service: light.turn_on
    entity_id: light.hallway_light
      brightness: 10

If you want the light to change at exactly 22:00 you can use the time platform:

  platform: time
  at: '22:00'

I am not sure what your condition is doing (nothing maybe?), but if you want to use condition, you can just add these to the config.

PS! The Cookbook page is a nice resource as well.

Thanks mate a lot I will do that and read more as well.
However I started editing yaml files but I have notice that they look different if you manually edit or create by Configuration/Automation GUI. Orders looks bit different and that is what confuse me. Do you know how to add brightness in this GUI? There are Triggers Conditions and Actions but not always easy to fill it.


I don’t know, I have never used this GUI to edit the yaml files. But there shouldn’t be any big difference? Since you’re on Hassio, you can enable the Samba addon and configure your files in a text editor. I use Atom (MacOS) but Notepad++ is also nice on Windows


I am using Configurator in Hassio, a bit clunky but works for me as editor quite well.
I need to learn more how to write all this yaml manually as this generated by Configuration tools in Hassio are a bit confusing.