Philips Hue bulbs Time-based light colour/natural light

Good evening,

I currently have a Philips Hue Bridge with Philips Hue White & Color E27 Zigbee bulbs + dimmer switch (old gen) + 2x Hue motion sensors.

And I would like to have cold white light during the day and yellow/warm light in the evening. Regardless of whether I switch on the light via Alexa (Echo 4) on the dimmer switch or via the Home Assistant app.

I currently have the “Time-based light” via the Philips Hue app at Hue Labs and the “Natural Light” on the motion sensor.

What I want works there but only via the motion sensor. Using Alexa or the Home Assistant app, it’s still always cool white light in the evening.

Is there a way to do this?

I would appreciate an answer, thank you

“Home Assistant Operating System” latest version runs directly on a Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB

And I have the CC2652P Sonoff ZigBee 3.0 USB Stick with ZigBee2mqtt

Does nobody know a solution?


did you ever work this out ?