Philips Hue Call Service - Activate Hue Scene

The problem still exists. Even after today’s update 2022.8.7, the problem is not fixed. Do you have the same?

It’s not a core fix, its a frontend fix. Frontend release schedules are a mystery to me.

glad to see i’m not the only one with this problem… i hadn’t noticed it until i went in today to adjust something and found it missing

I am having the same problem but I’m not sure when this started. I last used Hue scenes in automation probably a couple months ago. Today I updated to whatever the latest version of home assistant is and when I edit any of my scenes, the target field is completely blank just like everyone else is experiencing here. This is concerning that this has been posted since August 6th but still no fix? This makes using Hue scenes in automation unusable. I use Control4 for my home automation, but the one and only thing I use HA for is to trigger Hue DYNAMICS scenes as it seems to be the only platform that supports this. I hope it gets fixed soon as I finally just sat down to fix a bunch of things and it’s not possible. :frowning:

Edit: In case it helps anyone, the automations still work, so here’s how it looks in the YAML as a workaround.:

- id: '1652643673632'
  alias: '[Z-Wave] [Cabana] Keypad Button 1 Pressed - Tokyo'
  description: ''
  - platform: event
    event_type: zwave_js_value_notification
      node_id: 30
      label: Scene 001
      value: KeyPressed
  condition: []
  - service: hue.activate_scene
      dynamic: true
      entity_id: scene.cabana_tokyo
  mode: single

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