Philips Hue Call Service - Activate Hue Scene

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I am trying to add a Philips Hue scene to an automation (which I have done in the past) and there is no ability in the UI to chose the target under the Call Service. I went and checked my other automations using Philips scenes and the target sections are now blank. However, If I go into the YAML editor the targets are still there.
I have added a screenshot of the UI. Any thoughts or ideas on what might be happening?

I haven’t used it yet, but from what I’ve looked I have the same thing.
The only way to start a scene is to call the scene.turn_on service

That will turn the scene on but, there are no options for transition, dynamic, speed or brightness.

Yes you are right. I’m trying to find something, but all I see here is that the scene can’t be edited unless it’s created in the UI.
I have the scenes in the scenes tab here (they cannot be edited) and they are not in the scenes.yaml file. So now I don’t understand how to create them in the user interface when they actually exist and modify them in yaml when they are not there.

In the automation tab here are the screenshots.

If you hit Edit in Yaml you see:

You can find the code at the HA website.

What version hub are you running? V1 (round) or V2 (square).

I have a square V2

What version of home assistant are you running?
(I am on 2022.7)

Just checked mine and all working as normal

Since I didn’t use it, I don’t know if it worked in the previous version. I am now on version 2022.8.1
I have the same result as in the first post

What I found out is that the scenes created in the HUE app appear in HA, but they are not in the yaml scene, they cannot be edited, they cannot be deleted. It is only possible via the HUE app

I am on Home Assistant 2022.8.1. This started after that update.

That’s correct and the way it has been since the V2 APi was released. However you should still be able to activate the scene as per my screenshot, I guess this may be a bug in 2022.8 onwards maybe!

Well thank you. Just updated HA to version 2022.8.2 no change in behavior. I will wait if more users have the same problem to confirm that it is a bug in HA.

Same here, was hoping the update would help. But the issue is still there.

Same problem here after updating to Home Assistant Core Release 2022.8.1 & 2022.8.2.
Last working was Home Assistant Core Release 2022.7.7

May be worth opening an issue for this as there does not appear to be one at present:

I just created an issue, since this is the first one I ever done I hope I submitted it properly.

I was just about to, but you were faster.
We can follow here

The problem does not only concern the HUE scene, but many other services: Yeelight, Tado, squeezebox and others
I’ve gone through a few here and like HUE can’t select the target (it’s just not there)

The issue has been identified as a Frontend issue. The Automation issue was closed. Here is the new link:

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