Philips Hue colors in the front end

so, i’ve been lurking and searching, and can’t find anything specific to philips hue lights and color control.

just to make sure my exsiting setup configs weren’t part of the problem. i stopped my existing docker instance, create a fresh clean, one and did the hue discover and added. boom! added lights no problamo. HOWEVER, i have zero rgb controls in the UI out of the box? why is this?

i’ve read some have had the color control after turning the light on, but that is not my case. whether i turn them on/off play with brightness, no controls come up for color. this seems like a big oversight as the main purpose of hue lights is the ability to play with color hues and warmth controls.

is there anything the change with a device class or something of the sort to enable rgb control in the UI? do i have to go the ‘hackerish’ approach and build a custom ui for this?

every solution out there i’ve used in the past (and still use to some extents) that supports hue has a simple rgb control (imperihome, vera, smart things, wink, openhab). the fact that there isn’t a default control in hass amazes me, despite all of the other power this platform has.

i’f i’m missing something can someone please point in the the right direction?

[UPDATE] so, i was totally wrong, the issue was i was getting the Hue lights through vera before, and when hue lights coming from vera, they only appear as dimmer lights, and not hue lights. i synced HA directly with Hue and now i have full color control.