Philips Hue / Conbee 2 + harmony remote

I want to be able to use my harmony remote to control lights / scenes at home. These are however all zwave protocol. But to program the “home control” buttons on the remote a Philips Hue is needed.

Previously I have used the emulated hue which works. I exposed the relevant lights and scenes to the emulated hue and then I can assign these in the harmony app. However the emulated hue is very inconsistent and loses connection a lot so half the time it is completely unresponsive.

So I want a more reliable solution. My first thought would be to get an actual Philips Hue Hub and connect it to my hassio. But I am unsure will it work like the emulated one? Can I expose my zwave lights to the hue hub? Or does it only go other way around, entities from the Hue hub gets exposed to my hassio? Because that will not help at all :slight_smile:
For the emulation I just added in the config file which entities to expose, if this works for the actual hub how to go about?

If not, will the conbee 2 stick work for my need? Figuring there might come a time when I want zigbee products as well so I might as well get the stick. But would really like to get the harmony remote working with the lights!

I considered the emulated roku but this exposes an unauthenticated api on my server which I am not interested in.