Philips hue controling temperature of 2 spotlights together

Hi all,

in developer Tools i see my entity “spotjes” which is a combination of 2 spotlights.

min_mireds: 153
max_mireds: 500
effect_list: colorloop,random brightness: 252
color_temp: 373
is_hue_group: true friendly_name: spotjes
supported_features: 63

in Developer Tools when I click the “i” I can change the color temperature,
but when I create a card and use that entity, I can only control the color_temp of each spotlight separately. Am i missing how I can control color temp of both together through lovelace ui or do I have to start diving in the config file?

thanks !


If you add them to a zone in the Hue app, then they should show up as a single light in Lovelace. I believe you should be able to control the color temp of both spotlights using this method.

You might be able to do it as well with a “light group” group, but I’m not sure if it supports color temp in Lovelace.

Oh my… I was searching way to far… Just add"lamp" card and add that entity…

Thanks mate.
Any easy way to have a temperature slider card?

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This is what I use. Works a treat!