Philips Hue Dimmer (RWL021) exposed to HomeKit shows 36 buttons!

I’ve added a Philips Hue dimmer to home assistant via ZHA (Skyconnect) and exposed it to HomeKit. The resulting triggers shows 36 possible buttons to use (press, double, triple, long press etc) but they are named as Button 1, Button 2, Button 3 etc which makes mapping them difficult even though when pressing a button you do get a small visual feedback in the Home app but this is easy to miss.

I’ve mapped the buttons to their corresponding action in case anyone else wants to use it within HomeKit.

Button 1 ?
Button 2 "Turn on" pressed
Button 3 "Turn off" pressed
Button 4 "Dim up" pressed
Button 5 "Dim down" pressed
Button 6 "Turn on" continuously pressed
Button 7 "Turn off" continuously pressed
Button 8 "Dim up" continuously pressed
Button 9 "Dim down" continuously pressed
Button 10 "Turn on" double clicked
Button 11 "Turn off" double clicked
Button 12 "Dim up" double clicked
Button 13 "Dim down" double clicked
Button 14 "Turn on" triple clicked
Button 15 "Turn off" triple clicked
Button 16 "Dim up" triple clicked
Button 17 "Dim down" triple clicked
Button 18 "Turn on" quadruple clicked
Button 19 "Turn off" quadruple clicked
Button 20 "Dim up" quadruple clicked
Button 21 "Dim down" quadruple clicked
Button 22 "Turn on" quintuple clicked
Button 23 "Turn off" quintuple clicked
Button 24 "Dim up" quintuple clicked
Button 25 "Dim down" quintuple clicked
Button 26 "Turn on" released
Button 27 "Turn off" released
Button 28 "Dim up" released
Button 29 "Dim down" released
Button 30 "Turn on" released after long press
Button 31 "Turn off" released after long press
Button 32 "Dim up" released after long press
Button 33 "Dim down" released after long press
Button 34 Philips Switch 2 Binary input turned on
Button 35 Philips Switch 2 Binary input turned off
Button 36 Philips Switch 2 Battery battery level changes
? Philips Switch 2 Identify has been pressed

I’m not sure if it’s technically possible for the Button names (Button 1, Button 2 etc) to be changed in HomeKit to reflect the actually names in Home Assistant but this might be something to investigate.

Did you get this figured out? I am in a similar boat. I have my dimmer working just fine in HASS, but I can NOT get any buttons exposed to HomeKit.