Philips Hue Dimmers - Z2MQTT Setup - Need help with automations!


I have recently moved from my Hue bridge to Z2MQTT. All of my Hue bulbs and dimmers are added in and detected correctly. I am, however, unable to achieve the functionality that I need.

Basically on my v1 dimmers I need the following funcitonality:

  • Power on short press: Turn on last scene/settings
  • Power off short press: Turn off lights/scene
  • Up button short press: Next scene
  • Up button long press: Scene brightness increase
  • Down button short press: Previous scene
  • Down button long press: Scene brightness decrease

I was previously using Deconz/Phoscon for the above functionality and it all worked prefectly. But I have a bunch of new TRVs and other devices and Deconz was a pain, so I migrated everything to the one Zigbee network via Z2MQTT in the hope of building out a more solid mesh.

I have tried different Hue blueprints and none of them really work to achieve what I’m trying to do.

All of my rooms have a Hue dimmer switch, and then they will have a lamp and main light or lights in a light group (chandeliers, etc). I generally have scenes per room, such as Lamp Only (Dim), Lamp Only (Full), Lamp and Lights (Dim), Lamp and Lights (Full), etc.

I have figured out how to switch the scenes with the scene up button and I can turn the lights on and off in that room with the On/Off buttons, but I cannot find a brightness solution and I’m hoping someone can help. I need to be able to adjust scene brightness when the Up/Down buttons are held, and I need it so that if I am on a scene with Lamp Only, that increasing brightness for the scene does not tur on any other lights in the scene that are supposed to be off.

Does anyone have any idea how to achieve this?