Philips Hue Go (Z2M) - fade arbitrary color/brightness to a given temperature/color/brightness over a given timespan?

Hey everybody,

I have a Philips Hue Go that I have successfully integrated into HA via zigbee2mqtt.

I would like to make it fade from whatever color and brightness it currently has to a given temperature/color/brightness configuration over a given timespan.

In my Home Assistant I have NodeRED and AppDaemon available if necessary. But if it is possible and easy to do something like that with the material on board, that’d be fine too.

What options do I have that allow for this, especially considering the arbitrary start status?

Have you tried setting a transition time with the light.turn_on service?


Admittedly, I haven’t tried anything yet, except for taking a brief look around, because I didn’t even know where to start. I’ll give it a try, thank you!

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That appears to be working. Thank you very much, @EdwardTFN. I knew it had to be easy.

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