Philips Hue integration not exposing entities for Switches

Hi all,

I need help to understand the Philips Hue integration in HA for switches. I have 2 Philips Hue switches (1 hue dimmer and 1 friends of hue), and both are correctly detected in HA as “devices”.

However none of them has any “entities” associated with them, so I dont really understand how to capture any switch action in HA. All my NodeRED automations are based on entities ID in the event detection.

Can someone please advice if i am missing something obvious here? I am on HA 0.117.1

Seems this is intended, at least according to Robin from his excellent addon documentation (GitHub - robmarkcole/Hue-remotes-HASS: PLEASE READ THE README)

And it seems the following replacement addon can do what i am after: GitHub - azogue/eventsensor: HomeAssistant custom sensor to track specific events

However something puzzle me still, he is saying that the new Hue integration:

Now the main hue registers the remotes as devices , and fires events with the detected button presses. For easier usage from UI, it also presents the button presses as device triggers for automations. In addition, for battery-powered remotes it generates battery sensor entities .

Is there a way for me to get the “device triggers” events in NodeRed to trigger an automation whithout having to install a custom addon? Seems like a basic feature, so I got this feeling there is just a step I dont understand somewhere.

The remotes are not exposed as entities, but rather an event is created every time a button is pressed and the event contains thr name of the switch. Try going to Developer Tools -> Events and enter * in the LISTENING TO EVENTS box and press START LISTENING, now press a bitton on the remote and see if an event is showing up there.