Philips Hue lamp behaviour after power outage configuration with ZHA

After another conversation with my wife on ‘these stupid smart lights’ I am wondering if there are plans to integrate Phillips Hue configurations with ZHA to modify behaviours after a power outage.

Last conversation (209638) on the topic was a year ago and I am still in bright light when a middle-of-the-night power outage returns and my Phillips Hue lamps turn back on in full. Our feeder lines go down regularly and is likely not improving anytime soon.

Perhaps these days there are plenty of cheaper alternatives to the Hue lamps that integrate better with ZHA?

I wouldn’t look for other lamps/bulbs but for replacing ZHA with Z2M instead.

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Done, geez it looks so much better in Z2M! Behaviour of the Hue lamps after power outage is still not clear to me, it appears in some wiki I need to send an MQTT message to each lamp, have I understood that correctly?

Hmm, my understanding from discussions of handling things after power outages is that pretty much all smart bulbs have an on state after a power outage. So then the solution is to have a power outage detection automation to then get the bulbs off.

I’m going with a DIY solution to give me a dedicated power outage sensor that will trigger my bulbs to turn off.

Not true at all.

Hue bulbs (at least most of them) have options for power on on/off behavior, temp, color, and brightness. The z2m docs for the bulbs lay it out clearly.

Other wifi bulbs often have similar options as well.

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I appreciate that, thank you. I have less hair today than yesterday looking for that particular piece of z2m docs, if you would not mind posting the link?

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