Philips Hue Lightstrip replacement. LEDs too far apart

I had installed a Phillips Hue lightstrip behind my desk. The desk is “floating” away from the wall 1 3/4 inches. The lightstrip is facing up about 1 inch away from the wall in an aluminum channel. The lightstrip LEDs are spaced far apart and because it is so close to the wall, the light emitted does not diffuse evenly on the wall. The individual LED reflections off the wall are very noticeable.

I have tried to defuse the lightstrip using an assortment of diffusers, but nothing works.

My Phillips Hue lightstrip recently stopped working due to a power outage and while I was researching a replacement, I learned that you can buy lightstrips with the LEDs closer together. I have seen as high as 144 per meter. Phillips Hue does not offer a solution with an increased number of LEDs

I’ve seen set ups for one meter of 144 LEDs per meter but anything beyond one meter requires more power, from what I understand so far. The desk has two sides along the wall measuring a total of 20 feet.

How do I build and power a 20 foot lightstrip of 144 LEDs per meter?

Thanks in advance!

This site has very good info

60 LEDs /m with a diffuser will be fine for that. Possibly even without the diffuser. I’ve got some I can take a photo of later tonight if you want.

Rough guide: 0.3W of power supply per LED.

So for 60 LEDs x 6m = 110W 5V supply would be plenty.

Use WLED as a controller.

Fantastic site! Thank you. I can’t wait to absorb this site when I have more time tomorrow. It looks like it covers all the things I have come across in my research, but makes them relatable to each thing.

I agree. 60 LEDs per meter just might do it based on what I experienced with Philips Hue lightstrip which seems like it’s 30 LEDs per meter.

I forgot to bring up WLED. I have seen that mentioned a few times in my research. Thank you for that recommendation.

So for 60 LEDs x 6m = 110W 5V supply would be plenty.

Would this require any custom wiring (i.e. thicker wires and multiple entry points)?

For 6m connect the power to both ends of the strip and you will be fine.

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If you don’t need it the whole length, these things generally come in 5m lengths.

I endorse wled.

Yeah if you can lose 3’ (1m) somewhere it would be a cheaper purchase. Or you have 4m left over for another project.

Or two 3 m strips and solder them together.

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