Philips Hue motion sensor SML003 - Set pir_u_to_o_delay attribute with ZHA

i have a Philips Hue motion sensor ( SML003 by Signify Netherlands B.V.) and wanna set the Zigbee attribute pir_u_to_o_threshold (id: 0x0012) in the PhilipsOccupancySensing (Endpoint id: 2, Id: 0×0406, Type: in) cluster.
If i set it within ZHA (via Manage zigbee device) i get a green checkmark, but if i read the attribute it’s none.
Is a Manufacturer code override necessary? If yes what is the manufacturer code?

The Reason why i want to set pir_u_to_o_threshold, i want that the motion sensor sleeps a certain time after it switches from occupancy to un-occupancy. So it not detects occupancy for certain time.