Philips Hue Motion sensor temperature not updated

I am using the latest HA version en Philips Hue integration. It works great, but I discovered that the temperature of Philips Hue Motion (indoor) sensors are not updated! After a reload of the integration, I get the actual values, but these are not updated anymore. For me it is not really an issue, I am not using this temperature. But is this a known issue, or did I missed a setting?

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I have the same issue. When forcing a read via the attribute cluster it updates but only when doing that manually. Other values update just fine, but temperature is stuck. Looks like battery percentage is also not updated. Unless it’s still 100% after 4 months…

I’m using zigbee integration, no hue Bridge.

For those who have the same problem: it is due to a vague switch in the Hue app being turned off.

Turn it on and the temperature sensor is active again!