Philips hue on an other nework


I’m trying to get a hue bridge on an other network. Let me make it less vague.

I split my network in 2 sections. I have the 2 routers. one from my ISP and my own DD-WRT. The ISP router is used for smartphones and guest access. If i want to access the network behind DD-WRT I use a VPN for all wireless devices.

Now the problem. I have a hate/love relation with the hue app. I want to sometimes use it and sometimes i want to use home assistant. But the hue app wont work through my VPN. So i moved the hue bridge to the guest network and tried adding it there. But unfortunately home assistant cant connect to it from here.

Has anyone tried this before and if yes did you solve it or not?

Know it’s been a while, but did you ever figure it out? Thanks