Philips Hue Push - Delayed Smart Button actions

Now that Hue uses push instead of pull, it’s really fast. But for the Smart Button I noticed that the buttonevent 1002 (short_release) is delayed. This leaves two options, both of which are not ideal:

  • Use buttonevent 1002 for switching lights. Pro: You can use buttonevent 1001 (repeat) for dimming. Con: Actions are delayed.
  • Use buttonevent 1000 for switching lights. Pro: Lights are switched on/off instantly. Con: You cannot use dimming any more, because there’s always a buttonevent 1000 before 1001.

Is it possible to fix the delay for buttonevent 1002, or any other way of using all button functions without having to deal with delays?

Anyone with an idea?

Sorry, no answer to your questions but do you also experience something like this? > Haunted House - Hue Smart Button 'hue_event' fired without physical interaction

Nope, but I notice that my triggers for Smart Buttons look completely different from yours. Example for short press:

  - event_type: hue_event
      unique_id: "00:17:88:01:06:03:7d:00-01-fc00"
      event: 1000
    platform: event