Philips Hue question (general)

Hi All,

This is a general question before I want to make decision to buy Philips Hue.
Im using now 3 GU4.3, 20 GU10, 6 E27 Milight Bulbs. All running on a custom hub made by Sidoh
(GitHub - sidoh/esp8266_milight_hub: Replacement for a Milight/LimitlessLED hub hosted on an ESP8266)

Works great and no issues at all… but I want make my house more future proof (matter) and want create movie experience with lights etc.

My current lights I can control them separate and in groups ( lights are paired to different groups )
The bulbs also have several effects and important for me is the rainbow effect. All colors in a repeating circle with transition…from color to color.

Before I remove all those bulbs and buy Philips Hue I want u guys if Philips Hue support following things:

  1. Can I control each bulb separate as a single light in HA?
    I mean a full control inside automatons: turn_on/off, brightness, color_name, hs_color, kelvin, effect, etc
  2. Does Philips Hue lights have effects?
  3. When using the Hue bridge in don’t need the zigbee2mqtt right? Only when you use a zigbee dongle?
  4. Use Z-Wave motion sensors, will this interfere with Hue Zigibee signal?

If you have more information that is nice to know, let me know…