Philips Hue remote v2 unable to pair

I bought a Hue dimmer remote ( that I want to use to control a zigbee dimmer switch (Inovelli Blue). I thought this was supposed to be zigbee compatible, but I can’t get it to pair. I’m not using a Hue hub. I’m using ZHA with a Sonoff ZBDongle-P.

I have about 30 existing zigbee devices (Aqara sensors, Sengled outlets, Inovelli switches). I haven’t had a problem pairing anything in the past. This remote has a setup button behind the battery door. I’ve tried short-pressing, holding for 3 seconds, holding for 5 seconds, etc. The light on the remote will light up red, or blink orange a couple of times, but it never shows up when searching for a new zigbee device in home assistant. Does anyone know if this should work and how to get it to pair?

Struggling as well, have you managed to pair it?

I also had the same issue and found a solution by resetting the remote. To reset the remote you need to press all four buttons for at least five seconds. As soon as the reset is successfully triggered you will see blinking LED switching between red and green. It takes about 30 seconds until the reset is done. (link).
Then I started the zigbee device discovery using ZHA from within Home Assistant and pressed the setup button beneath the battery cover on the remote’s back using a curved up paper clip. I am not sure whether I also pressed the remote’s power on/off button on the front for three seconds (and if so whether this step could be skipped). After a few seconds ZHA discovered the remote.
Next step for me is to try using some blueprints for that remote in order to make it functional. Starting point: Link

Sorry for the super late reply here. Even though the remote did not appear to pair at first, when I came back to it a day later i noticed that it was paired and is now working fine. I don’t recall explicitly doing something else to make the remote start working.