Philips Hue`s randomly not turning ON/OFF as requested

System set up:

Raspberry 4 64bit


USB extension cable for Zigbee

50 Philips Hue lights

15 switches, temperature, and motion sensors

There is a strange problem.

When I run scenes or automations that is turning ON/OFF several lights, some of them don’t respond. If I run the scene again it`s mostly OK, but sometimes 3-4 times is necessary to get the light to the requested state.
The state of the bulbs is shown correctly in my dashboard.

I have made a light group, several single devices in scenes, calling the light service in automation with entities or area. I don’t notice a difference.
Can it be that too many commands are being send at once?
Any advice of how to proceed?

Are you using Z2M?
Is the scene in question a large one (lots of bulbs)?

Try creating the scene in Z2M (rather than in HA) and let Z2M handle the load I.e. HA issues a single command (set scene) and Z2M splits that into commands for each entity in the scene.

I am using ZHA.
In a scene there is typical 8-12 bulbs.
How many bulbs would be good to control via Z2M vs ZAH?

That should’t be enough to cause a problem

Sorry, I have no knowledge of ZAH