Philips Hue Sensor via Philips app or Home Assistant

Hi Guys,

I have 4 Philips Hue motion sensors in my home that are configured in the Philips app. I also want to be able to control my sensors via an automation in HA. I notice one sensor in the Hue app has a message that the sensor is configured in another app. I suspect this is HA. But the other sensors don’t have this.

Now it seems that some sensors are still controlled by the settings in the Hue app and not by my automation. This causes conflict. For example, the lamp in the hall is controlled by the light setting in the Hue app, while I actually want it to be controlled by the setting in my automation.

How do I best deal with this?

Your ‘keuken sensor’ is probably configured by a Hue Labs automation. Check ‘Automatiseringen’ —> ‘Overig’ in the Hue app.

The best way to use the Hue motion sensors in HA is to leave them un-configured in the Hue app. Unfortunately you cannot un-configure them in the app. You will have to remove them and repair them without assigning them to a room.

You’re right. I forgotten that. I have indeed configured the kitchen sensor with Hue Labs.

Can you give a little more info on how I can repair the sensor without assigning to a room? I thought you can’t set up the Hue sensor without assigning it to a room?

Yes, it is possible, however the app wants you to assign a room. I don’t know for the newly released app, but in the old one I just removed the motion sensor completely, reset the motion sensor and let the app find a new accessoire. When the app finds the motion sensor, it will ask you to add it to a room. At that moment abort the configuration, which leaves the motion sensor un-configured.

Other possibility is to create an empty room and assign the motion sensor to that room.

Is the sensor still be found via the Hue app to HA?

Yes, the sensors will be detected by HA regardless if they are configured or not in the Hue app.

This is how it looks in my app:

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Thank you. It works.

Two sensors done. One in the hall works fine. But the one in the kitchen gives an error on with the battery sensor on my dashboard. Any idea?


Problem solved!

I have now removed two sensors and added them again without configuring them in the Hue app. It seems that the sensitivity of the sensors is less. You can set this in the Hue app. How do I do that within HA?

That sounds strange… I haven’t noticed any loss in responsiveness of the motion sensors. However there have been improvements in the Hue motion sensor response times in the latest HA release (2021.6), which version of HA are you running?

I’m running Home Assistant 2021.6.4

In the entity states I see that the sensor has a sensitivity of 2 by default. As far as I understand this could vary from 1 (little sensitive) to 4 (very sensitive). I just don’t know how to adjust that.

You can adjust the sensitivity by using the Hue app. Just go to the unconfigured motion sensor and andjust the sensivity. After a few seconds you will see the value off the attributes in the HA developer tools change as well. Do not try to save in the Hue app, but just abort (and the settings will persist).

The standard motion sensors have 3 levels (0, 1, 2) and only the outdoor motion sensor has 5, so the outdoor variant shows 4 in my HA.

That’s great info. Thanks!