Philips Hue - set color and brightness when pressing switch on

I am using Philips hue in my Home Assistant setup. I have 10 bulbs. In my home assistant UI shows them all as “on-off” switches. Works perfectly. But my kid loves to set some terrible colors and my automation system auto turns them off at night.

The day after, when I use the switches in my UI it turns on as the last used color… And then I have to manually go in and change to a “normal” color.

Is there a way to set a specific color, brightness etc. when I turn the switch on? I mange to do this when running automations, but not when I only want to use the on-off switches.

I think a script

You could build an automation that has a condition to only change the colors between certain hours…for example, you don’t always want it to turn to white if the kids are playing with it in the evening, but then in the morning when you wake up it turns to white when the light triggers to on.

Another way, is if you have an Amazon Alexa, iOS/Siri, or a Google Home you can just say, “turn all lights to white”. That’s what I usually do.