Philips hue smart plug compatibility


I’m thinking to buy a couple of Philips hue smart plugs (, and I’m wondering if the Philips Hue integration in Home assistant works with this plugs.

The Philips hue integration ( says:

There is currently support for the following device types within Home Assistant:

Motion sensors (including temperature and light level sensors)

Thanks in advance!

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Did you buy the plugs and test them?

It would be interesting to know that since hassio does not support many smart plugs.

Hey! Sorry for the delay.
Finally, I went with the ikea ones. They works perfect with HA

Hey, thanks for the heads up!

I found 4 smart plugs for 20€ each and i bought them since i’m not really a fan of ikea in general.
They work like any other hue lamp and i can turn them on and off líke a light!

The answer to this thread is: YES, the HUE integration works with the smart plugs!


Hi, bought few Philips Hue sockets… any ideas as to why are these recognised as lights and not as outlets / socket / switch?