Philips Hue sml002 sensor occupancy?


I’m happy with the Phillips SML002 outdoor motion sensor, with temp, alarm, and lux. But when use an automation, I test the entity which shows up in Lovelace as “clear” (no motion) or “detected” (motion), what do I use for a trigger?

I try to use the following, it never triggers:

  • entity_id: binary_sensor.philips_sml002_0656b03a_2_1030
    platform: state
    to: ‘on’

Should I be using the “clear” and “detected”, true or false, or what?

I know I can see the current state of a binary sensor, but can I see all states that any entity accepts?


Binary sensors are either on or off, but depending on the device class, what the frontend displays will differ (like in your case with a motion sensor, clear and detected). So in short, you’re correct using on.

Can you please format your code properly so we can take a look at it? Perhaps post the entire automation too.

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