Philips Hue: Switch on multiple lamps at the same time, not in sequence?

When I activate a scene directly from Hue it’s affects all lamps within msec, from HA it’s a different story… On my RPi3 I have a notable delay and lamps are turned on in a sequence.

Is there anyway to have HS fire all lamp commands from a scene simultaneous?

Assuming your scene only contains lights, have you tried creating a group and have HA’s emulated bridge turn on the group instead of a scene? If your scene has other things than those lights, then have the scene turn on the group rather than each light individually.

Haven’t tried it myself, so I’m not sure if the lights in the group will be turned on in sequence or simultaneously, but its worth a try.

I have a group of lights which I then from a scene set color, brightness and switch them on.
No I haven’t tried the emulated bridge, that was introduced in the latest version, right?

How would I use the emulated bridge btw?

I don’t think the emulated bridge is used that way. My understanding is it just makes Hass devices available to external services that look for a hue bridge. (like Amazon echo)
I’m also interested in the ability to directly access the Hue controller scenes and so far I’ve only seen mention about it here : Save and restore Functionality (state of lights)

"And the method I think works well, is using the scenes functionality of the Hue System built into the hub itself. Hue scene recall commands are sent to the hub, and are executed… "

Here’s how to do it via URL calling in a script.

Also zpriddy seems to have a pretty nice system for Smart Things here: